Terms and Conditions

  1. Your access to SSP depends on telecommunications and internet service providers and other external factors. The Department of Education and Training does not guarantee the availability of SSP during the specified operating hours.
  2. Use of SSP online does not change any of your obligations to provide information to the Department of Education and Training . You are not excused from providing information when required if you cannot access SSP online for any reason.
  3. You agree to:
    • not permit any other person to use your SSP user account;
    • take reasonable steps to ensure that nobody else knows your password;
    • change your password regularly (passwords expire after 90 days).
  4. The Department of Education and Training will assume that any transaction using your Logon Id and Password was approved by you.
  5. You may cancel your access to SSP at any time by contacting the SSP Helpdesk by phone 1800 677 027 or email ssp@education.gov.au
  6. The Department of Education and Training may, at any time and without notice to you, make changes to the SSP online service.
  7. These Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time.

Last modified on Monday 16 November 2015 [486|2511]