STATS Collection Tool

The STATS Collection Tool is designed for small schools or schools that have low technology support to calculate student attendance rates. This tool removes the need for manually calculating data and enables staff at a school/campus to:

  • Quickly enter information about their school;
  • Enter information about students and their attendance for the reporting period; and
  • Generate the required data for upload for each of the STATS reporting periods (Semester 1 and Term 3).

The collection tool is an interactive Excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to calculate student attendance rate data and to generate an uploadable CSV file for a quick and easy submission.

You will need to complete the School Details Tab and enter data for each of your students in the Attendance Data tab. Your attendance data will be calculated on the information you enter in the School Details and Attendance Data tabs, which will be aggregated by Year Level, Sex and Indigeneity in the reporting period’s Output tab. The tool contains a comprehensive instruction sheet on how to correctly use it.

The STATS Collection Tool is updated each year; please ensure you have the current version prior to submitting data (the version below is the 2019 file). The tool can be used for both reporting periods, greatly speeding up the submission process time for Term 3. Note: If a student leaves the school at the end of Semester 1, do not delete the row, simply add a 0 in the enrolment and attendance columns for Term 3.

Please Note: whilst the tool enables you to include student identifying information (such as a student's name, class and teacher) this information DOES NOT get submitted to the department. The fields that identify a student are provided solely to enable ease of reference for the school.

If you have any difficulty using this tool, please contact the Student Attendance Help Desk on 1800 677 027 (Option 5) or email the helpdesk at

If you use this tool, we would appreciate any feedback or comments you have to offer through the helpdesk above.

Date Created
2 May 2019
Date Modified
2 May 2019

Last modified on Tuesday 4 June 2019 [631|15086]