Title Description
2018 Collection Notice (Parents)
2018 Socio-economic Status (SES) Scores This document contain the latest published version of the Socio-economic Status (SES) scores.
2019 Census Guidelines
2019 Census Instructions
2019 Census Screen Templates
2019 Census Upload Requirements
2019 NCCD Guidelines
2019 Special Circumstances Application Form
Accrual Chart of Accounts
Address Collection Template
Calculating Student Attendance Download the user guide for calculating Student Attendance
Cash Chart of Accounts
Column Ordering for CSV Upload File The required data for the Student Attendance Collection (STATS) can be provided by uploading a...
Common Errors in the Financial Questionnaire This document lists some of the common errors found in the Financial Questionnaire.
CSV Template for Individual Schools Data Collection
CSV Template for Multiple Schools Data Provision
Detailed Data Requirements for STATS 2017 Download the Word Version below.
For Parents/Guardians: Frequently Asked Questions This document answers the most frequently asked questions by parents/guardians of students whose...
For Parents: 2019 Collection Notice This document is the collection notice for parents for the Student Residential Address and Other...
For Schools: 2019 address collection FAQs
For Schools: 2019 Quick Guide This quick guide provides users with an overview of how to provide the required data to the 2019...
For Schools: 2019 School User Manual
For Schools: 2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information - Upload Template
For Schools: 2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information Technical Specifications
Important School Dates for 2019
Instructions for the FQ
Instructions for the FQ
Introducing SchoolsHUB
Letter to Non Government School Approved Authorities In 2019, the letter outlining the Student Attendance Collection will be sent to all Non...
Manually Calculating Attendance Rates Manually calculating your student attendance data for the Student Attendance Collections (STATS)...
My School finance report tool
NCCD 2017 Data Technical Specification PDF Download the PDF version of the NCCD 2017 Data Technical Specification below.
NCCD SWD Individual School Collection Sheet This file is to be used by a school to create a CSV file upload file to provide to their system...
NCCD SWD Multiple School Collection Sheet This file is to be used by a system or education authority to combine multiple schools NCCD SWD...
Notice of Student Residential Address Collection and Important Legislative Changes
Sample Boarding School
Sample Catholic Diocese Boarding School
Sample Catholic Diocese Day School
Sample FQ
Sample Systemic Boarding School
Sample Systemic Day School
SchoolsHUB access for new users
SchoolsHUB access for SEP users
SES score review process fact sheet
Socio-economic Status (SES) scores indexed by SA1
Special Circumstances Application - Sample Privacy Letter to Parents
STATS 2017 upload template Download the STATS 2017 upload template (Microsoft Excel template).
STATS Collection Tool The STATS Collection Tool is designed for small schools or schools that have low technology...
STATS Data Technical Specification Each year, the Student Attendance Collection (STATS) has a STATS Data Technical Specification....
STATS User Guide The STATS User Guide is now available.  
Student Attendance Collection Tool Download the Excel format below.
Undeclaring STATS Data If you believe there is an issue with your school’s declared data you can arrange to have your...